The Pie: On the Rights of Food Access

February 23, 2024

The Rights of Access

Good Morning, friends! 

How are you feeling? We missed you Saturday, as we were processing recent events, so we wanted to do a midweek pie check-in in addition to our upcoming Saturday Pie. 

Our mission has always been to ensure better health outcomes through food access for businesses and their consumers. The recent tragedy in Buffalo has centered conversations about domestic terrorism and domestic violence. However, what gets overlooked is the necessity of grocery stores in under-resourced areas. A lack of grocery stores in Black neighborhoods is often due to manufactured events creating deficits in food access. As we think about ways to ensure equitable access to food, we also hold space in our hearts for those who lost their lives seeking it out. 

FOR WEEKS, the US supply chain has been experiencing a national baby formula shortage. The FDA and Abbott reached an agreement to restart production under strict guidelines this week with other companies abroad to provide additional relief. Many people wonder why parents do not turn to natural sources for feeding their babies. After discussing this issue with a lactation consultant, breastfeeding requires proper resources. Here are a few notable ones that could aid those you may know in their efforts: OASHBaby Formula Expert, and Milk Diva.

Pinky Cole is having quite a week! As the CEO of Slutty Vegan, a trailblazing plant-based fast-food brand taking Atlanta by storm, Pinky Cole has revolutionized the capabilities of an all plant-based restaurant chain. As one of the few Black women in the food industry, Cole secured $25 million in additional investments to expand the plant-based burger restaurants' footprint. With a plant-based cookbook expected in the Fall, providing LLCs to graduating seniors during her commencement speech, and shaping up to be an icon in the industry, we are excited to see where else she will go. 

With all that is happening in the world, do not forget YOU! May is Mental Health Month, and it's essential to be mindful of needing to decompress, step away from social media, and take much-needed time to refocus your mind for your wellbeing. So we hope you are finding time for yourself; Headspace, Well + Good, and Free Mindfulness offer some resources for calming mindful practices. We hope that these may serve you well in your daily routine.

Be Safe & Be Well,
Riana & Team

See you Saturday with updates on more AAPI and supply chain trends.

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