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We're building a more convenient future for enjoyable nutrition

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Since the 1950s, the produce we eat has lost more than half it’s natural nutrients.

That’s where we come in.

We are a team of scientists, innovators, food lovers, and explorers working together to bring better on-the-go nutrition to everyone.

Over the past 18 months we've created a nutrient database and tested everything from fruit cultures to seaweed in order to develop more convenient and nutrient-dense products that will change the face of traditional snacking in offices, hospitals, workplaces, schools and more.


Journey Foods is creating the future of nutrient consumption through food technology. At the crucial intersection of science and convenience, we have created an entirely new category of plant-derived nutrition delivery: micro foods. Our first product line focuses on re-imagining fruit snacks and adding functional ingredient complexes to target immunity, digestion, energy and brain function. Our goal is simple: change the face of traditional nutrition and snacking in offices, schools, homes and more.

Data Science

In a quest to catalog nutritional properties, textures,
and byproducts we have built the JourneyAI platform
to support precise product development.

Want to use our technology to design a custom Flavor?

We are currently working with a number of partners on designing new products. Learn more at or email us.

We are releasing Version 1.82 in February 2019. Please sign up for more details.

What Folks are saying...

John Hsu

Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! The very best. Wow what great service, I love it!

Amber Rounds

Journey foods is exactly what our office snack room has been lacking. I was so excited to order online.

Nick Mason

I will refer everyone I know. Journey foods is awesome! I will recommend you to my colleagues. Thank you so much for helping my energy.

B L O G + P R E S S


What is in each bite?

Our products take only the best, nutrient-dense ingredients, and focus on sustainably sourced fruits and vegetables that not only contain a multitude of functional properties, but propel biodiversity as well.  

Where can I buy them?

We are currently available on this website and with lots more locations updating soon.

Are Journey Bites safe for kids?

Yes! All of our products are organic and sourced sustainably from their native areas, so we can get the best ingredients.

Where are the Journey Bites created?

We use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to aggregate all of our supply chain and ingredient data to make sure we are being as transparent as possible. Check out our blog soon.

Does Journey have wholesale opportunities?

We sure do! Please contact us for wholesale pricing. We love to work organizations interested in providing healthy options to their employees, students, or customers.

What is in each micro food bite?

Our snacks are all of those! They’re also Kosher and Halal, since we want everyone to be able to enjoy our snacks no matter what.

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