It is time to solve the $3 trillion dollar food nutrition and production problem.

Why do 85% of new food products FAIL?

38,235 people to 1 food scientist
Lack of focus on quality nutrition
Broken supply chain with limited visibility
Poor data and insight

Journey is the KEY for accelerating change.

Developed by expert food scientists
Recommendations to maximize nutrition
Centralized supply chain data
AI/ML powered data and insights
We significantly reduce the time and cost to develop a product.

We’re bringing tools to thousands of food companies to help feed 8 billion people better.

Journey Foods is a portfolio intelligence and lifecycle management software for food development and innovation. We address and manage the complete lifecycle of products from ideation to the the marketplace.

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We are a team of scientists, innovators, food lovers, and data explorers working together to test our own data in the form of micro foods, and help many more companies across the world.


Discover how you can use Journey Foods to develop products faster.