Saturday Pie: Greening the Future

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Welcome back to our Saturday Pie series. This week is an excellent time to think about sustainable futures and identify ways to preserve our planet as Earth Day (April 22) and Arbor Day (April 29) are approaching.

Earth Day has evolved for many of us over the years. Take a look at how the legendary Peanuts cartoon is getting involved with spreading the message of activities to beautify the space around you. What is your contribution to helping sustain the Earth, perhaps composting

While we don't limit our focus to greening the future based on April or these green holidays, it is only suitable that our content drives the idea of sustainability through technology. We are always interested in ways to help guide those efforts through better choices to leave a better future for upcoming generations. 

We've discovered so many initiatives that are going beyond greenwashing and truly putting in the work. 

Sustainability is no longer a trend. It is an acute responsibility. 

We look forward to building - more creatively and impactfully - with you.

Riana & Team



Designing sustainable food products

Alpharetta wants residents to share information on their food choices and lifestyle habits. The results will assist in developing the agricultural master plan in Alpharetta for growing healthy sustainable foods.

With a variety of plant-based meat alternatives on the market, what about hemp protein? Sustainable Foods secured $2.15 million dollars in additional funding to expand their Plan*t label brand to include burgers, mince, sausage, and chicken pieces. 

Cold and shelf-stable pet food is a fast-evolving growing category for our furry friends. A recent study by North Carolina State University, showed most pet owners are not following FDA guidelines for Proper Storage of Pet Food and Treats.

CULT Food Science Corp. invested in MeaTech, a company that manufactures proteins via a proprietary 3D biotechnology printing process without the need for animal slaughter.

Food aromas are highly recognizable due to our relationship with food, as a result food perfumes are popular as ever. We are looking forward to our upcoming report on toxicity in food additives this spring. One Oyster’s shell is another oyster’s habitat. Read about sustainable efforts by ecologists and local restaurants to ensure future oysters continue to be plentiful.

Supply Chain 


Carbon-negative shipping

Better Origins is taking food waste and transforming it into carbon-negative animal feed with the help of insects inside a shipping container. 

As more geo-political events become more present in supply chain disruption, regional economies are being transformed. How will the domino effect play out as fear overtakes greed in highly volatile and inflationary markets? 


Culinary influencers and inclusivity

Michelle Wu, the mayor of Boston (Massachusetts), released a 66 page food justice agenda to ensure a more equitable food system within the city benefiting residents and the restaurant industry. With such an extensive undertaking, if successful, will Michelle Wu be forever known as a food justice mayor?

What does David Chang, the renown chef behind Momofuku, think about the future of food? His 2021 HULU documentary series, The Next Thing You Eat, dives into the ways the food industry can address issues of food scarcity, climate change, health, and what the food industry may look like in 2050. 

Did you happen to catch the Roots, Resistance, and Reclamation event sponsored by FoodTank and Spelman College? If not, click the link above to learn more about the ways the African Diasporic roots are being preserved in the global and local food system. (Spoiler Alert: Our very own Riana Lynn was a featured panelist)

What is Saturday Pie without an accompaniment? Revisit the legendary recipe of Leah Chase's Gumbo Z'Herbes in honor of the Easter holiday.

And back in NFT Land...

Andy Nguyen launched Food Fighters Universe (FFU), a NFT collection that will aid in launching the world's first NFT-backed restaurant group.

That's all until next week. Have fun and stay well.

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