Naturally Austin Women in CPG Summit - A Thanks from Riana at Journey Foods

A big — BIG thank you to Naturally Austin for letting me hang with some inspiring, badass women on March 8th!

The women in CPG Summit was aptly celebrated on International Women’s Day, and it was the perfect forum to discuss business mindset, strategy, empowerment, and growth concepts with some really incredible people.

The panelists and speakers included Jennifer Cobb Moynihan, Allison Beadle, Jane Ko, Aisha Lewis, Jess Gaffney, Bre Cruickshank, Sara Shah, Aimy Steadman, Genevieve Gilbreath, Ethan Monreal-Jackson, Christine Mei, Angela McElwee, Renee Rouleau, Addie Broyles, Wendy Nunnelley, Jessica Nelson, Bianca Carey, Kirstin Ross, Joi Chevalier, Leigh Christie, and Tyla-Simone Crayton.

And I also got to speak a bit about INNOVATION and FUNDING - two seemingly intimidating topics that are very close to the heart of growth for small (and big) business.

I hope that my take on these concepts inspired some folks, or at least led them in the right direction for the future of their business endeavors! We all have to start somewhere, and I’ve always been grateful for my business mentors who passed on their knowledge of how this crazy machine called “business” works.

For a cool recap of the Summit, check out this post from Katrina Tolentino - give her a follow too 😎

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