Journey Foods in this year’s World Food Innovation Awards!

“The World Food Innovation Awards represents a fantastic opportunity to share some of the most ambitious developments from the food industry and celebrate companies both senior and junior. This year’s contenders were some of our strongest yet and we can’t wait to share in their success.”

Kieran Kennedy, FoodBev

FoodBev is a multimedia biz leading the charge with informing and educating folks in the CPG world. They’ve been in the industry since 2000 — and provide incredible insight and opportunities for business owners.

One of those opportunities comes in the form of their yearly food and beverage awards programs.

🎉 … which Journey Foods was a finalist in! 🎉

We are proud to be a finalist and hang with other awesome businesses in the startup category this year. FoodBev is helping promote people in the industry who want change for the better, and it’s really cool to be a small part of that.

Thanks FoodBev! 🙌

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