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Food prices have risen over 3.4% in just 12 months. Stay ahead of customer turn-over as a


before they jump ship.

High consumer-demand volatility shouldn’t limit your potential to innovate. Harness your supply chain with Journey Food’s actionable database.

Difficult demand forecasting
Minimal supply of quality ingredients
Labor shortages and lack of raw materials
Supply chain disruption

Journey Foods has created the tools to empower YOU as the SUPPLIER, making the bridge between production and retail clearer than ever.

Centralizing insightful Data: 130,000+ ingredients with over 22,000 manufacturers and sources
Integrations: Connection to global supply chains and ERP solutions to automate management and build resilient supply networks
Responsible Monitoring: Actionable updates and operational alerts to stay on top of the worlds ever evolving supply chains
Creative Marketing: Outreach and opportunities with thousands of new buyers.

What our clients say

“At Ingredion, we are not running a metrics business over here so if I can get the analysis out of my hands, we are happy. We have been looking at our research processes and trying to understanding different sectors of our business. Journey Foods jumped into our sweeteners division and started reporting and giving us access to the portal immediately.”

- Kurt C.

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