Journey Foods for

R&D / Operations

Currently there’s

38,309 consumers

to 1 food scientist.

We’re here to help you WIN in a rapidly changing environment.

The lack of quality data and insights available to you means inefficient and expensive operations cycles. Build a competitive edge with our actionable database in food...

Cost tracking and ingredient insights
Adaptive supply chains and networks
Ensure your products are made with quality ingredients to optimize nutrition
Package with sustainable alternatives, made easy with our network of over 22,000 manufacturers and suppliers

We created the tools to EMPOWER your R&D and Operations team to create great products efficiently with acknowledgment to cost.

We save companies over 68% combined revenue and time.
Produce higher ROIs to increase investor attraction with productivity improvements and Journey Foods business intelligence.
Access to our world class food scientists and database with over 130,000 ingredients and 22,000 manufacturers and sources
Centralized data and AI/ML powered engine.

What our clients say

“At Ingredion, we are not running a metrics business over here so if I can get the analysis out of my hands, we are happy. We have been looking at our research processes and trying to understanding different sectors of our business. Journey Foods jumped into our sweeteners division and started reporting and giving us access to the portal immediately.”

- Kurt C.

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