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CPG Founders

Currently, 85% of new food products fail. Seize future opportunities successfully as a


with Journey Foods.

With nearly 8 billion consumers in the world today, there has never been a more complex time for the development of nutritional & sustainable foods. Let Journey Foods help you out.

Up to $400k innovation cost
Takes an average of 1.6 years to develop quality food product in a volatile food industry
Food products require over 10 tools but with Journey Foods, you’d only require ONE
Difficult to find suppliers with valuable experience and adaptability to supply chain

We save YOU over 68% combined revenue and time with...

Cost tracking and ingredient insights
On-demand team support
AI-based product recommendation engine
Connected to global supply chains, ERP solutions, and suppliers

What our clients say

“At Ingredion, we are not running a metrics business over here so if I can get the analysis out of my hands, we are happy. We have been looking at our research processes and trying to understanding different sectors of our business. Journey Foods jumped into our sweeteners division and started reporting and giving us access to the portal immediately.”

- Kurt C.

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